Welcome to Bens3D. Bens3D is a site where I can show off my models that I have designed and printed on my Prusa I3 Mk2 3d printer. Throughout this site I will showcase the design process of the numerous models I have designed as well as the finished models and the orthographic drawings.

When designing objects to 3D print, I will use the software Fusion 360 and occasionally SolidWorks. If I think that my designs are good enough to be released into the public, then I will publish the models to Thingiverse, which you can then visit download and print yourself.

Most of my design work is done for myself, and then 3d printed. These include different things such as pen pots and coin banks and so on. Whenever I am designing something I will always take measurements and then make replicas of the models I am designing. This gives me a way of designing around the object. Despite measuring objects well using digital callipers, sometimes the models won’t fit onto the object or just won’t work in general. This is when I make different versions of the one model.¬†Depending on the creation, you may see the different versions I have made but the majority of the time it will just be the finished version.

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