Bens 3D is a site where I can showcase my work with 3d printing and design work using different CAD softwares. This site will show off the models I create and you can also access the orthographic drawings to go with them. I print my 3d models using the Original Prusa i3 Mk2 3d printer. This printer can print very detailed pieces as well as big objects with it’s big build plate. This allows me to create intricate pieces like a gear or big things like a vase.

The Prusa i3 Mk2 has been a very reliable printer and can produce immense quality. Also with the new upgrade that I have recently installed, it allows us to produce 4 colours all in one model.


My passion for 3D design and printing, came from my school. My school got a 3D printer as part of their D&T department, as someone who is interested in D&T, I got a chance to look at it and ‘play around’. Eventually I was the only one in the school who knew about the printer and how it worked.

Whilst using the new printer, I was learning how to use Sketchup. This meant it was my choice of CAD software despite it being less powerful than other CAD. We later found that Sketchup wasn’t very good at exporting in different formats, which meant I had to try and learn a different software for designing. Now, I was lucky enough that my school had access to a copy of SolidWorks, which meant I was able to learn that. With help of one of my friends and my teachers I was on the way to understanding the basics of SolidWorks. SolidWorks however was very expensive and I couldn’t use it at home. This led me to look at different alternatives.

One day I saw a YouTube video pop up and it was titled ‘The Basics of Fusion 360’. I was curious so I clicked it and watched it from start to end. The downloaded it, and finally I played around with it. Now I can design some pretty complex things with Fusion 360 (Not they are very useful) which helps me creating functional parts to use in everyday life.