The idea of this model was I had no-where to keep my USB sticks and SD cards which I kept losing and misplacing them. The first model I made was a simple concept where I took the measurements and put them into Fusion 360. I did that for both the USB’s and SD cards and made the first prototype. I then printed the model and found that neither of them fitted the model. Here is the first design:


The second version was simply just some resizing. The model didn’t actually change much other than the size of the holes for both the USB’s and the SD cards. Once again I printed the model out and both the cards and the sticks fitted like a glove. However the spacing between the sticks was too small and the USB’s were touching each other and not all of the sticks would’ve fitted in the model. Here is the second prototype, there doesn’t seem to be much change but the size of the holes are bigger.


With the third version I needed to increase the size of the spacing between the USB holes. I re-drew the entire model nowing that this wouldn’t be the final product and increased the spacing. Not including the small details, as I have done before, makes the print quicker and also I can then add more details to the final version. Here is the final prototype: as you can see the model is a lot more basic than the other ones, that is because I wanted to know if it would work and I didn’t need the details to know if it would work. Also all the USB sticks now fit next to each other without touching each other.


Now that I know the model was working and everything was to scale I could add in the finishing touches. I played around with lots of different features in fusion 360 like the fillet and the chamfer. I used a chamfer across the front edge in front of the USB holes. This made a nice flat surface to put some text on ‘USB & SD’. Finally I chamfered the edge where the SD cards sit. I thought it was a nice feature to have the angle going all across the piece, it also makes the SD cards easier to access. Here is the finished product.